Exterior Doors and Windows

With literally hundreds of different window shapes, styles and materials to consider when ordering custom windows, it’s difficult to know where to begin. As more homeowners look for ways to personalize their interior spaces, custom windows offer the ultimate opportunity to let personal style shine through.

Exterior doors and windows are available in a wide variety of styles and shapes for both renovation projects and new construction. We only represent the top suppliers in the residential window industry to provide you with the quality products you demand.

Please drop in to our showroom or call to arrange a free in-home estimate to get answers to any questions you may have.

Interior Doors and Mouldings

Our extensive selection of door designs, species, glass and panel construction includes many choices. You can even mix species or replace any wood panels with glass, chalkboard or marker board; or replace any straight panels with a louver.

Interior doors, trim, wall and ceiling treatments, and mantels – all of which significantly impact the overall impression of a room or space, are decorative interior products that create the look, feel and flow of design throughout your home. Select your finishings early in the renovation or design process for a professional designer look in your home.

While enhancing your home’s interior, new interior doors and mouldings can transform a home from ordinary to outstanding.

Our extensive selection of door designs, species, glass, and panel construction allows you the freedom to choose a door for your unique style, that is distinctly you.

We offer molded panel doors in either hollow core, or solid core construction, style and rail doors, or veneer doors for the beauty and warmth of natural wood. These doors can be manufactured to be ‘Green’ doors (that have no factory finishes, or no Added urea-formaldehyde (NAUF) components), or fire-rated doors for legal suites

Our French doors range from simple to elegant, clear to obscure. Metals such as zinc or patine come together with textured glass and bevel pieces, thus creating true works of art.

Finishes available – raw, primed, or factory finished.