PlyGem 4 s of Windows and Doors

The 4 S’s of Windows & Doors

When choosing replacement windows or doors there are four things you want to keep in mind. We call these the “4 S’s of Windows and Doors”.

Window and Door Style

The style of your replacement window or door should compliment the style of your home. For instance, putting a colonial style door on an ultramodern home might make for an awkward entry appearance.

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In addition the style determines how that window or door operates. Do you prefer a window that slides up and down, like a double hung window? Or maybe a window that cranks open, like a casement window, is better suited for you. No matter your preference there is a window style that will suit your needs.

Scale of Your Windows and Doors

window scale

When you think about the scale of a window or door you take into consideration the size and architectural style of your home.

Window and Door Sizes

Cedar Discovery Red

The size of the window or door works in much the same way. You want to make sure the size of your window or door fits your home.

Window Shape

Finally, let’s talk about the shape of your windows or doors. The shape can add phenomenal curb appeal.


Have you considered a geometric window? Or a window with a rounded top? There are so many shapes to choose from, you are sure to find one that will fit your personal design style.

thermTru Door

A beautiful entry door can increase the perceived value of a home by a large margin.

A new study shows that a beautiful entry door can increase the perceived value of a home by a large margin.



A recent study by door manufacturer Therma-Tru confirms what many builders and designers already knew: A nice-looking entry door can increase the perceived value of a home. The study found that buyers would pay an average of 4.2 percent ($18,750 in an average-priced home) for a dwelling with an attractive door that enhances its curb appeal.

The respondents, homeowners in various regions of the country who had shopped for or purchased a new home in the last 3 to 5 years, were divided into two sample groups. They were shown images of enhanced or unenhanced homes in various architectural styles. Each group was also shown images of the same control homes.

“This survey showed very clearly that the perception of higher value is there with an enhanced entry door, whether it’s glass or sidelites or a new entryway configuration,” says Derek Fielding, director of marketing insights and innovation for Therma-Tru. “The research validated what we already suspected, that the front door is a key driver of curb appeal.”

REMODELING Magazine’s Cost Vs. Value report lists an upscale grand entrance as one of the most valuable improvements a homeowner can make, recouping nearly 70% of the value of the project at resale.

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